Apart from Clothing, Where Should I Avoid the Color Black?


Hi! I recently read the answer on avoiding black given by Tyagi Jayadev. I would like to know if we should avoid any other color apart from black? I have heard from two famous numerologists that one should avoid black & blue, and black & red as black and blue is governed by Saturn and red by Mars. Should we limit our color choices to clothes only? Should I avoid using black pens, black inks for writing? Where should we avoid black other than in our clothes? Thanks

—SP, India


Dear SP,

Nice red tones are completely alright, as red is a variation of gold, according to Yogananda. Blue is one of the three most recommended colors by him: they are blue, white, and gold.

It is not necessary to avoid black pens and ink.

There is no guideline I know of for where to avoid the color black other than with clothes, but personally I would be careful with black furniture or with paintings containing much black.

All the best,