Are Mantras Effective if Chanted Mentally?


I had a query regarding chanting the mantras. I have plans to chant a lengthy mantra about twelve thousand times, but I cannot chant it from my mouth because I'll feel extremely tired if I do that. So I want to chant the mantra mentally.

1.) Are mantras effective if chanted mentally?

2.) And will the breathing patterns be affected by just chanting the mantras in the mind?

—Ananya, India


Dear Ananya,

A great plan!

Chanting mentally is effective, but requires more concentration, to be powerful. Sound has power. So without that outer sound, the inner sound must really be strong.

It is (to use one example) like doing Yogananda’s Energization Exercises mentally: it is possible, but requires much more will, depth, and concentration to be effective.

One can also do pranayama practice just mentally, but it’s the same: it is possible, but requires more inner power.

So mental mantra chanting too requires an extra effort if you want to have the powerful effect.

I would suggest you begin chanting with your voice, and when you see it is getting tired, then continue mentally. Then, at some point, you chant aloud again. Just alternate.

The breathing pattern is not effected by mental mantra chanting. You can coordinate your breath with the mantra if you want, but that’s a choice.

May your effort find deep blessings,