Are we in Kali Yuga or Dwapara Yuga?


Are we currently in an ascending era of Kali Yuga or at the beginning of the Dwapara Yuga?

I feel that spiritual perception within man is I guess you would say "all over the map" at this point in time. Could mankind currently be in a transition towards a period with a collective sense of higher self?

Joy and Thank you for your input!


—Jabar Jordan-Walker, USA


“All over the map” is an understatement! But this is to be expected in a time of such huge transitions are we are now experiencing. Technological, social, and climatic changes are minor compared with – and are merely symptoms of – the changes in consciousness now occurring.

Sri Yukteswar (Paramhansa Yogananda’s guru) said that, although most people think the world is in descending Kali Yuga – and will be for a l-o-o-o-n-g time to come – an error crept into the reckoning some thousands of years ago and has remained to this day. In fact, he said, we are in ascending Dwapara Yuga.

There is much objective evidence to support this, but rather than going into a long explanation here, let me direct you to the latest issue of Ananda’s Clarity Magazine, which has an excellent and very readable article about this very topic. It will help you understand more clearly the transition that all of us are going through – where it’s come from, and where it’s inexorably heading. It’s a great place to begin digging into this very interesting topic. Enjoy!