Asking God Questions


Dear Sir / Madam ,

I have gone through Autobiography of a Yogi and other books. But I still have a question about God. If I want to communicate with God, how do I do it? Do I tell Him once, or over and over again until I receive the answer?

I am utterly confused. Please help me.




Dear Dolon,

Your question is very universal. If God doesn’t answer us right away, we feel He hasn’t heard us. So we get confused and either ask again or do what we think should be done (or do what we really want to do).

You should know that God is within and around us and knows our every thought and again our desires. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother to put out energy to Him in asking Him questions or showing our love and devotion. When we have more energy directed upward toward the spiritual eye and when we show Him our love and real desire to listen to His answers, we’re in a better position to really hear what He has to say.

There are times when the question you ask is not the right question and so will not get a response. Most times you, if you are in a quiet state, you will realize this and then be able to form the question so that it will reflect what you are truely meaning.

In any event, do alway, each moment that you can, talk to God. You may have a guru, such as Paramhansa Yogananda. He is God’s agent to help you realize your true Self. Talk to him; he is your raft over the ocean of delusion. Bless you.