Awakening the Energy of the Heart


During a recent puja at home, I saw a sudden flash of a 1000-petaled flower in deep pink color. The petals were fanning out in concentric circles from the center. Inside the flower’s core, I saw a child or a tiny person nestled (not sure since I was seeing it all from far above). The image was powerful but fleeting, the second I became conscious of this visual inside my disappeared. Can you please help me understand it? Sincere gratitude for any insights..

—Seeker, India


Thank you for sharing your vision. Your experience was an awakening of energy from the devotion you felt during the puja. A blessing, although temporary for you. A connection to the Infinite for you.

Still a better practice to follow is to use that energy generated with devotion to focus and direct it upward to the spiritual eye. A true vision is accompanied by an inner calmness and expansive joy that does not fade. That comes from a higher source. More lasting.

This energy is the kundalini and as it moves upward in the spine can manifest inner visualizations, colors, shapes and even taste. All of these phenomenon are produced by the conscious mind. The challenge is to focus, direct and refine that energy, that it comes to you as a truer connection to God.

A basic knowledge of the chakras and kundalini teaches us how to understand our life and be more successful and happy in all we do. It is important to use the vast reservoir of power that manifested that vision and direct it upward to the spiritual eye. Here is a link for the resource on energy, chakras and kundalini that may be of interest to you:

May your beautiful experience continue to inspire you in your longing to feel God’s love and continue to help you to go deeper in your search.

Many blessings on your efforts.