Can I Change My Etherical Body in Order to Heal & Change My Physical Body?


I want to ask if it’s possible to change my etheric body template in order to heal and for a body shape transformation? How can I do that?

—Veil, Romania


Dear Veil,

Yes. By changing, recharging, balancing the structure (the “template”) of your “etheric body,” which in Yogananda calls “astral body,” you can change and heal your physical body.  The reason is our physical body is made of energy.

How to change that energy “etheric body template,” or “energy body?” The energy body needs to be fully “electrified” (to use Yogananda’s expression), in a balanced and harmonious way. In this way all physical ailments can be healed. At Ananda we therefore practice Yogananda’s energization exercises, in which we draw prana (energy) into the body through the medulla oblongata (situated in the back of the neck), applying strong will power, by which we send that prana into every corner of the body.

But to obtain deeper results, another, even more profound approach is necessary: behind our “etheric body template,” or “energy body,” there is another “template,” or structure. It is the mental body, called “causal body.” It is “causal,” because it is the deeper and real cause of everything. Thought in this universe creates everything through the agency of energy, every plant, animal, star, and also your body.

So what you need to do is change your “thought body.”  Thought then acts on the energy, and the energy acts on the physical body. This is the deeper way of healing and transforming ourselves.

Yogananda explains it like this, please meditate deeply on his words:

Thought is the primary energy and vibration that emanated from God and is thus the creator of life, electrons, atoms, and all forms of energy. Thought itself is the finest vibratory energy, the speediest power among all powers.”

Thought is the matrix of all creation; thought created everything. If you hold on to that truth with indomitable will, you can materialize any thought.”

“In the ultimate sense then, all things are made of pure consciousness; their finite appearance is the result of the relativity of consciousness. Therefore, if you want to change anything in yourself, you must change the process of thought that occasions the materialization of consciousness into different forms of matter and action. That is the way, the only way, to remold your life.”

In short – your deep inner thought patterns (the “templates”) determine everything in your life: how you look, your weight, your state of health, your general appearance, even your “luck” and what situations and persons you attract. It is all lodged in stubborn thoughts in our subconscious mind.

Your whole body is actually a big storeroom of your thoughts. It’s like a big brain you are carrying around. Your thoughts manifest everywhere in your body: in your physical tensions, in your stomach, in your chest, in your legs, in your face, everywhere. Your thoughts manifest in any sickness you have, plus in your energy field (magnetism), in everything.

To change these thought patterns Yogananda taught the practice of regular and concentrated affirmation. This practice will change the “templates” of your your “causal body”, of your energy (etheric) body, and finally of your physical body.

What should you do?

1) Daily repeat, very strongly, with deep feeling, impregnating your body and mind:

“My body cells are made of light,
My fleshly cells are made of Thee,
They are perfect, for Thou art perfect,
They are healthy, for Thou art health,
They are spirit, for Thou art so,
They are immortal, for Thou art living.
(from Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924)

2) And also daily practice Yogananda’s energization exercises, which you can find on YouTube.

3) Meditate daily. It will gradually harmonize and change your “thought body,” your “energy body,” and your “physical body.”

I hope this was not too complicated.

All the Best,