Can I Contact a Deceased Loved One?


How can I talk to my dead dad?

—Hailie, Terre Haute


Dear Hailie,

It is possible to feel the presence and send your love to a deceased loved one. Life after death is the greatest mystery because, through death, we learn to give a board and unconditional love to all in past and present lives. With this understanding of how the soul’s love expands, especially after death, begin, after meditating, to call to your father. Always ask for God’s presence and help in this. With closed eyes concentrate at the spiritual eye and mentally send your good will and love to that deceased one. In the language of your heart give your message of love and connection to them. Then sit silently and try to feel their love, and when you sense a peacefulness and joy, know that they have answered you. Trust your intuition and know that your loved one wants you to be happy and at peace. If there is a message, it can come through your intuition when you are still. They want to help you and you can pray, in return, for them. A good resource on that can be a help to you is the book Karma and Reincarnation, The Wisdom of Yogananda.

Many Blessings on your efforts.