Can I Invite a Deceased Child to Be Reborn as My Son?


Two days back I asked how i can help relieve the pain a kid had from accident death. I got my answer. Thank you. Now I wish to ask: as he died of an accident, is his karma over, so he may not get a rebirth? Then where will his soul stay? And his parents are suffering how, will they get relieved from the pain of loosing their child? And if not to his parents, I wish he would come to me as my son when he reincarnates. Is that possible, though I’ve no connection with him in his past life?

—Saimita Roy, India


Dear Saimita,

Your last question first: yes, it is possible. If you stay celibate with your partner for a few months and during that time meditate on the photo of the deceased child, inviting him in inward prayer, it can be that you will actually attract him to reincarnate as your son. But it might be wiser to simply say to God: “If it is Your wish, please send me this son. If not, Your will be done.”

Second question: yes, the parents will finally get relief of their pain, and will have learnt an important lesson for their soul: nobody is truly ours, only God.

First question: if he wasn’t an almost fully liberated soul, a very high saint, it will not be the end of his karma. He just fulfilled that particular karma of the accident. He will most certainly be reborn, maybe soon. Where will he stay? In the astral world he will stay on the level of frequency which he has attained in his lives so far. Then, when he will be reborn, he will chose the place where he can make the next step in his unfoldment, overcoming the next pieces of karma. Life goes on like this util we reach liberation.

I hope this makes sense.

In divine friendship,