Chakra Sounds or Tinnitus


this cricket like sound I hear mainly in my right ear 24/7, is it really the sound of my 2th chakra or is it tinnisus. I meditate formerly TM now mainly mantra. Also sometimes art of living. third eye meditation. I feel good. but this sound, is it a good thing or not.

thank you in advance for your answer

—rupert, rep. of Suriname


Dear Rupert,

You’ve asked about the “cricket-like” sound that you are hearing in the right ear. The indications that suggest the second chakra is the source are the fact of the right ear and the nature of the sound (“cricket”) that you describe. However, the fact that the sound is 24/7 overrides, I suspect, the chakra source in favor of tinnitus.

I have tinnitus, also, and have been fortunate to experience that it recedes when inner, chakra sounds appear during meditation or sometimes when resting or preparing to sleep. I’ve never known anyone, including saintly souls, who report hearing Aum or other astral sounds 24/7 while I can vouch for the fact that tinnitus is non-stop except when I am asleep.

By the way, my wife was born and raised in Paramaribo from the Morpurgo and Castillo clan, and says hello. She left as a child in 1960 and has never returned.

Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman