How to Cope with Depression During the Holidays


Hi, I’ve been praying to Divine Mother about Christmas and how much it bothered me, how being lonely and other stuff bother me for a long time now. I start by saying, "Dear Divine Mother", and end my prayers with, "With Love, [My Name], Amen". I keep thinking about my sensitive subjects and get worked up, a lot... Is he sending a special someone that I think I’d like, soon? Does he understand my curiosity into Space, my body, and so on?

—Kyle, United States of America


Dear Kyle, Christmas is a time which is often very hard for many people. The holidays seem to intensify any sad emotions or loneliness we might feel. But it does help to know that you are never really alone. God, Divine Mothers, and all the Great Masters are with us, as much as we are able to invite them into our lives and to feel them always helping, blessing, and guiding us. Yogananda said: “To those who think me near, I will be near!” I have found that to be true, always! So keep thinking of them and calling on them. They will help you and be with you!

As for sending you a “someone special,” it is always wise to let Divine Mother be your “matchmaker.” Here is an affirmation and instructions, which Paramhansa Yogananda suggests you use while trying to attract someone into your life.

Paramhansa Yogananda’s Affirmation for Selecting a Life Companion

“Heavenly Father, bless me
that I choose my life companion
according to Thy law of perfect soul union.”

“This affirmation is best practiced just after meditation. Say it loudly a few times, then more softly, then whispering, then mentally, then subconsciously, and finally superconsciously. Work with this affirmation for at least six months, with deep faith. If you have established a real attunement with God through meditation and continuous affirmation of this prayer request, you will find a suitable companion; or, if you have been drawn toward one who is fundamentally inharmonious, the Divine Father will bring about circumstances that will prevent your making a wrong choice.”

Paramhansa Yogananda

As for your question: “Does he understand my curiosity…etc.?” Well, of course! How could he not? You are God and God is you! How could he not understand you completely and love you more than you could ever imagine? Blessings to you in the New Year!