Combating the Darkness


Is it possible, some people on earth are manipulating the Dwapara Yuga? What I saw is horrible as my life is now, because I saw it. A sect can do all the Yogi things from "Autobiographie of a Yogi" and more. They don’t use it for good. Can the spirit realm help? Can You? Sometime I get through with a vedic Mantra. They are always standing in the way astral, earthly. And it seems like this influence is worldwide. Forgive me the weird question. They maybe prevent a better existence of mankind.

—Claudia Lindenthal, Germany


Dear Claudia,

Yes, of course, there are forces, entities, and beings (incarnate and disincarnate) who cause trouble and create obstacles. There are forces of ignorance; of confusion; and, evil. In total, we can say this is the darkness against which the light aspires to en-lighten.

In other words, there are various levels of obstacles. I do not know of any particular sect that practices yoga (inspired by Yogananda’s autobiography) that are consciously and intentionally causing confusion or worse.

The idea that each of us should focus our attention upon “being the change that we seek in the world” is a good guide to how-to-live our lives. Very few people have the dharma to work against evil or obstructionist forces. Most of us have enough of our own internal darkness or confusion that it is enough to work on our own awakening and to share what we can of our inspiration and goodness with others.

This, then, is what I recommend to you: rather than focus on the forces of darkness that exist (and they will always exist), focus your attention on developing your devotion to God, to truth, to goodness. Focus on your life of prayer, meditation, self-giving, and selfless service in the name of God. Focus on seeing in everyone — even those who are confused — their potential light as souls made in the image of God.

By focusing on the positive you will create a stronger aura and magnetism for your own protection from the darkness of confusion and ignorance. This is the best way to serve the light in this world. Okay?

May the light of the Infinite Christ-consciousness shine upon you!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA