Daily Meditation


Jai guru. I got initiated into kriya yoga recently. I have a question related to the practice. A lot of times, it becomes difficult to practice kriya 2 times a day because of schedule or gap in food intake or some other social reasons. I make conscious effort to practice 2 times in a day but what if I skip sometimes due to the reasons which I specified above? Currently because of the pledge to practice 2 times, I feel guilty too of not doing it. What is the right approach here ?

—Pooja, India


Dear Pooja,

I have taught meditation to countless classes and students over some thirty years and I find the single-most frequent challenge to be consistency in meditating daily and ESPECIALLY meditating TWICE a day. For established meditators, the second meditation (usually at night), is challenging.

Can you practice a few kriyas BEFORE a meal, perhaps after coming home from work? Can you practice kriyas before lunch or at some other time during the day rather than after the evening meal (which in India is often late in the evening)?

Could you have a small portion of your meal with the family, and set aside the rest for later? Then go and meditate before finishing the meal? A heavy meal requires up to 3 hours before kriya but a light meal should be less.

Yogananda says that we can practice HONG SAU anytime, regardless of having had a meal. So at least you CAN meditate (even if not practising kriya). Some people can rest, even sleep, then wake up to do their kriyas before midnight!!!!! (I don’t necessarily recommend this but, well, it COULD be done!)

In the final analysis, it is better to do a few kriyas (14, e.g.) having eaten a meal than NOT doing ANY kriyas or meditation. We simply have to accept that this is true even though it is not ideal.

Rather than say, “It cannot be done,” ask Master: “How can I do this?” Be willing to be creative and be accepting that it is not perfect because doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Remember: God doesn’t mind our faults but seeks our Love. Imperfect kriyas practised with devotion are far better than perfect kriyas performed without the thought of God.

Jai Guru!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA