Developing Magnetism


I have a crush in school. We talk but he’s giving me mixed signals. Does he like me or does he have any type of feelings for me? and will we ever date any time soon?

—Sammantha, New jersey


Dear Sammantha,

Thank you for your question. If it is appropriate, you might try asking him if he would like to study together or have lunch together and see what he says. Then you will know. But you do run the risk of pushing him away. Because the more you want another person to like you, the more your need pushes them away.

The secret of attracting the right person for you is to not think about it. Developing your own magnetism is the best thing to do. Magnetism can be defined as developing your own inner strengths of joy, contentment and kindness. Everyone is attracted to someone like that.

First, manifest friendliness to all. This opens the door to the real friendship that may lead to a relationship based in feelings of respect and love. Respect and love grow with time.

Then ask inwardly, to your own intuition, what is the next step that will be for your highest good and fulfillment. It is possible for anyone to touch that inner ‘space’ known as intuition. Then trust that guidance with courage. Don’t be attached to any outcome. At the same time, be open and willing to learn about yourself and others. All experiences are there to teach us. Try to see the outcome as neither good or bad, most are neutral, it is just our reaction that labels experiences.

I hope that helps you in your decision about what to do and what your future holds for you.

If you pray, ask God, in the language of your heart, just use your own words, to bless you every morning before you begin a new day of adventure. I think, then, you will find an strength and acceptance of all that comes to you.

Many blessings on your efforts!

With love,
Nayaswami Hassi