Developing Positive Energy in Turbulent Times


Turbulent times- Financially, professionally. Mind is constantly agitated. Need peace, solace. Please suggest a way out and help.

—V V Ganesh, India


Dear Friend,

This is indeed a time of turmoil and confusion. There are ways to develop the spiritual power to overcome agitation and remain calmly centered and choose the right thing. Yogananda did say that “people who are meditating and practicing the principles of the spiritual path will generate the type of energy that creates an aura of protection,” allowing the mind to refocus on positive solutions.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you change your direction of energy and find the solace that you seek.

The kind of energy that you put out determines what you attract in life. It creates a magnetism that will draw to you certain experiences. You can generate enough positive energy to neutralize the negative influences that you may be attracting.

When you put out goodwill and positive enthusiasm by always seeing the good everywhere, this will draw God’s presence to you. Considering others’ welfare with your own, and saying yes to helping others, is a valuable practice to do every day. Then you create the kind of willingness that will generate the aura of protection that helps you at the same time.

Take God’s power and draw it in by your will (especially after meditating), and then cooperate with that power. Understanding that we don’t create that energy. We let the energy flow through us. What works best is to do everything with God, for God, and in God. Make God the Doer. Think, “God is the Doer. This is His power”. Make Him your constant companion, talk to Him as the Dearest Friend. Tell Him all your needs.

Do things that raise your energy. Seek out positive values and positive friends and satsang. Listen to beautiful music, read inspiring books and articles. Go to group meditations. Join your efforts with others. Ananda Online has a section for Warriors for the Light that offers you weekly meditations and affirmations for world healing. This is one way to have positive satsang, and it will change your life and help others’ lives as well.

Concentrate on Om at the point between the eyebrows, or listen to the Om: this is where nothing negative can touch you. Most of all, after meditation, in the language of your heart, ask for God’s guidance to do only His will. He will help and protect you, and He will guide you to the right direction for your highest good. Give Him, in love and gratitude, all that you have and all that you are. He will do the rest.

Many blessings at this time on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi