Difficulty with meditation



I have been trying to mediate for a while. I've used recordings and sadly only once felt a wonderful, addictive buzz from meditating. What I most often experience is after meditating I become 'out of it'. I literally can't concentrate, I drop things and fell pretty weird and spaced out. Is there something I am doing wrong or that I can do to better wake from meditation? Thanks

—Ashleigh Vilk, italy


Dear Ashleigh,

The key to your challenge may revolve around the meditation techniques you are using.

In using the meditation techniques that Paramhansa Yogananda taught, it’s unusual to encounter the effects which you are experiencing. Meditation, if practiced properly, for the most part helps us in our concentration rather than diminishing it.

I would recommend that you learn the Hong Sau technique of meditation as taught by Yogananda. It will give you the positive results that you seek. It is possible to learn it from the Ananda Course in Meditation, or in person at an Ananda Teaching Center near you (for Italy you can check Ananda Europa’s website )

Blessings on your journey,

Nayaswami Pranaba