Do I have God’s Love?


Why doesn’t God love me? I feel God has abandoned me, and why all my life God has put me through beyond Hell and back?

—Andromeda, United States


God does love you! This is a very good question to ask and one that everyone has wondered about at some point! There is a western saint that said “If we knew how much God loves us, we would die for joy!” If you think about this statement it brings reassurance to a doubting soul. Try, also, to think about any happy memories or pleasant times in your life then expand and embellish those thoughts. Keep those thoughts and good memories and dwell on them. As you begin to feel lighter, trace those feelings back to realize they come as a blessing sent to you by a God of unconditional love for all His children.

It has also been said that God gives tests and trials especially to those He loves the most! That is God’s way to draw us back to Him. Trials lead us back to God because it makes us realize that things of this earthly existence just do not satisfy our deep longing for happiness. Everything that comes to us is directly from an all-loving, caring God that wants us to help us look to Him for fulfillment.

After you meditate sit with that peace in your heart and talk to God in the language of your heart and ask for His love and guidance with gratitude of all that is good in your life.

An inspiring book that may help you see the Divine behind your thoughts but within your reach is How to be Happy all the Time. The Wisdom of Yogananda. Go to our website to find it and many other ways to stay inspired are on that site too.

Many Blessings on your efforts.