During Pilgrimages I Suffer Losses and Hurdles. Why?


Whenever I have visited pilgrimage places I have suffered losses & hurdles. Please suggest what could be reason and remedy for the same.

—Shyam Gupta, India


Dear Shyam,

It means that God loves you, believes in you, and wants to test you to make you stronger. We usually believe that the grace of God is only His gifts, blessings, grace, His “roses”. But with equal love He gives us difficulties to make us grow.

“An easy life is not a victorious life,” Yogananda writes. Everything that happened to you on pilgrimage, please see it as divine grace for your best.

When Swami Kriyananda experienced the major pain in his life, Ananda Moyi Ma wrote him: “Take this as your Guru’s grace.” It was the same idea.

So the remedy is to receive these “hurdles” and “losses” as gifts from God’s hands.

All the best on your future pilgrimages,