Fainting After Meditation


I have been attempting to meditate for last five/six months. During the initial period something suddenly happened. I fainted and had a complete free fall at least 5 times within a two day span. I did not understand what was going on. After the successive collapse, I felt further the following things happening: 1) I started feeling the earth vibrating at any place. If I attempted to seek blessings from the Shiva Lingam, the same shaking started. 2) Yesterday I saw a snake between my eyebrows. My head is shaking. Please advise.



Thank you for reaching out for a solution with your question. Your sincere dedication is a blessed and wonderful thing you possess already.

You did not mention what meditation techniques you follow. Regardless, with the disturbing experiences, please lessen, modify or stop them for a time. Try this until you understand what is happening. It can be harmful, of course, to faint and fall. Or to see unusual visions or feel your head or the earth vibrate.

The key in meditation is to practice without strain or force in your breathing or in your posture. It is necessary for a safe practice to think in terms of awakening the energy in the spine gently. Always with love and devotion in the heart.

Be sure there are no physical or mental imbalances in your life. If there aren’t any bodily or emotional concerns, here are some things to try: Always maintain a positive attitude, if that is hard, find someone to talk to that can help you. Consider your diet, hydration, exercise and enough sleep first. Fill your life with balance in service, work, relaxation, recreation and having fun with spiritual friends. Explore ways to stay healthy in body and mind. Surround yourself with spiritual satsang, books, music, recordings of inspirational talks.

Also, be sure to invite God, however you think of Him, into your meditations. In the language of your heart and with self offering, ask for guidance and help. Ask for blessings in your meditations and your life. The goal of meditation is attainable by developing the patience and devotion to find God. Do not be absorbed with the methods. The spiritual path and the search for God is a long distance trek. Keep your eye on the Divine goal with an uplifted spirit. He will surely come to you.

Many Blessings on your efforts.