When I meditate my head starts to sway and sometimes rotate. What's happening to me? I have also been feeling very tired and exhausted. Sometimes I feel some sensation in my spine too. How to go about it? Please help.

—Nina, India


Dear Nina,

The experience of a swaying sensation or head rotation during meditation is not unusual. Sometimes there IS a physical movement of the body; other times, it just FEELS AS IF the body is swaying but in fact is not.

This motion is sometimes ascribed to the energy of kundalini in its circular rotation as it ascends. In the midst of the experience, however, the attribution of kundalini is of secondary importance. The result of this and other similar experiences is usually to distract one from going deep into stillness. These experiences are not “BAD” but they can be a distraction.

At least it can be said that sensations of energy in the spine are taking you deeper into the spine.

In all cases, however, don’t reject the experiences but also don’t indulge them. When you feel like your head moves during medtation remain centered as best you can in the spine and with your concentration at the point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye. Offer these energies into your center and upward in self-offering at the spiritual eye.

If the experience gets out of hand and you cannot meditate without being distracted, simply pause your practice; open your eyes; do some simple, slow, deep breathing; ask for divine guidance in how to approach these energies.

Lest my words appear to reject these experiences, let me offer, by contrast, that the other approach is to enter deeply INTO the experience (while remaining centered in the Self) and offer yourself into the experience and see where it takes you. NEVER lose your Self-awareness as in going blank, or coming out and not knowing where you went. Always invoke God, Christ or one of the masters at the beginning of meditation and whenever confronted by an inner experience that you are “invited” to enter into. If ever you feel that your consciousness is being subsumed (rather than expanded) you should pull back from it.

Never be afraid so long as your intention, consciousness and desire for divine attunement is clear and sincere. God will protect you. Use common sense and devotion.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA

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