Faith in God


Why should I believe God loves me when he /she never helps me? They say God is almighty but because you don't have 100% faith he can not do something. Is he that weak? If that is so, that you need to have 100% faith to get help, I think it's not God that answers your prayers but yourself. I don't understand why faith is needed. God can do all they say but if you don't have faith he can't or won't do anything. I think God helps only spiritually advanced people, not ordinary folks. He can help but won't. He is cruel.

—jhr, there


You have raise several questions here. It seems you are very disappointed about the trials and pain in your life. I am sorry for that. Here are a couple of thoughts about how you might approach God so you can begin to feel that faith you refer to that connects us to God or Divine Mother. We develop faith with practicing trust that God or Divine Mother is there for us. God knows everything about you and everything that you are going through, everything that you think and even your most secret thoughts. At times, in our lives, it does not seem possible that Anyone is there listening and seeing what is happening to us. If we can learn to listen inwardly that will help us connect and not feel so alone. If you do a spiritual or meditation practice to calm the mind, you will learn to listen. If you look at our website you may consider the online meditation class that will help you develop that calmness which relaxes the heart and lets you hear guidance. God will see what is in your heart and will respond to that. Opening and trusting will give God the chance to be in your heart. Just like a mother or father that takes care of their child — that is how God responds to us if we let Him/Her. When God or Divine Mother feels love He can only respond. Many blessings on your efforts to find peace.