What Does it Mean to be Grounded in Meditation?


Namaste ji, I am a religious, spiritual person and I meditate regularly. However, I have a highly sensitive nature and I have come to know that this can cause the upper chakras to open and close/block the lower chakras. I need to do some grounding to balance them. Please guide me in how to go ahead. I heard that while meditating, a woolen mat should be used to prevent loss of energy, but how can I ground my meditations in this way. I am bit confused. Please elaborate and guide me.

—hs, India


Dear hs,

There are several points to keep in mind so your meditation is grounded and balanced. In our spiritual practice, we are withdrawing the energy from outward involvement, and allowing that energy to rise through all of our chakras. In meditation, we concentrate at the higher centers which generate a magnetism that attracts the energy to flow upward at the lower ones. It is this upward flow of energy that constitutes their awakening.

It is true that putting a wool or silk cloth or both beneath your meditation seat will help shield you from the downward pulling currents of the earth and if you have these they are very good to use. They will not cause you to be ungrounded.

We can become ungrounded if we use meditation, pranayama (such as breathing exercises) or hatha yoga techniques that force the energy upward rather than gently and magnetically drawing the energy upward. This includes practices that involve forceful or violent breathing techniques, or excessive pressure on the base of the spine. If you are including such techniques in your practice they may be contributing to the ungrounded feeling and you should stop practicing them for a while and see if you feel more centered.

The spiritual techniques that Yogananda recommended are safe and allow the energy to rise in the spine in a relaxed way as we practice. If you would like to learn more about these techniques please take a look at our on line meditation courses in India at https://kriyahomestudy.org/.

Also it is important to begin your meditation with a prayer to God in whatever form you feel most close to. Invite God to guide your practice that you may grow ever closer to Him. Feel His presence in the techniques you practice. Make each meditation a devotional self-offering to God. God and the Guru, if you have one, are our guides.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti