Food for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul


Hello! I take charge of cooking for my family. In Chile we have very harmful food habits, we eat breakfast white bread with butter and jam, egg or cheese, along with an instant tea or coffee and then we repeat it in the snack (in Chile you do not usually dine in the afternoons). It worries me, because I know it’s unhealthy. What could you recommend for breakfast and snack? Thank you very much A strong fraternal hug, Daniel

—Daniel, Chile


Dear Daniel,

It’s wise of you to recognize that processed white bread with instant coffee or tea is not a nourishing meal. Having the eggs scrambled with a little skim cheese and some sauteed vegetables can be a healthful start. Frittatas with the same ingredients for any meal of the day or for a snack are also a great option. Other enjoyable breakfasts and snacks are fruit with yogurt, nuts and seeds; smoothies or cottage cheese. Sliced colorful vegetables with dips like guacamole, humus or tzatzike are delicious snacks as well.

The primary thing to consider is the vitality of the food you choose to eat. Plant foods with their variety of colors and nutrients are especially healthful. Crystal Clarity offers many wonderful cookbooks and the Ananda Course in Self Realization has very useful diet information in each of the 14 steps. Take advantage of these resources and nourish your body, mind and soul!

Have fun and may you enjoy the delicious prana of your foods!