Can I Heal Another Person?


Suddenly a girl came in my life whom i do deeply love but problem is she is suffering with thalassemia minor. I cannot see her in such pain, i feel like her pain is my pain. what should i do to completely heal her of that disease? i can undergo any yogic meditation or exercise, withstand any amount of pain to heal her, i just want her to be completely healed.

Is there any way in yoga or any technique through which i can heal her? Please help me and provide guidance.

—Buddha, India


Your dedication to this girl is laudable. But to create such a healing miracle would most likely take true surrender. For instance once this young woman is healed, do you expect her to return your love and marry you? What is if it is not possible for her to be healed in this lifetime — would you love her selflessly anyway? Would you love and protect her anyway, and thus ease her burden of karma?

Either way, she needs your prayers, whether that is to be completely healed or to have the strength and grace to make it through this karma. We all have karma to pay. Her physical burden in the life is greater than most have to bear. It has perhaps helped her to develop compassionate heart qualities that have awakened your love for her now. It is possible that you have known her in a past life, and your love has been reawakened in a powerful way seeing her with this condition. It has awakened your chivalry. This is beautiful. Can you be her divine friend and pray for her?

You desire to create a beautiful healing miracle. Such a healing comes from God’s grace, though we can do much to align ourselves with that grace. Mediate, serve others, and sing loving chants to God. In that context, you can begin to learn these healing techniques given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Meditate, love God, and pray.

We can also pray for her. Please submit a prayer request and let’s see what healing can happen regarding her wellbeing.


Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry