My house is next to a cemetery – living near a cemetery – should I worry?


Dear Guriji,

Last year i bought a house. At the time of booking the unit there was an empty land about 500 metres away from the house. In another 2 months the house will be ready. The problem is that empty land now become a Muslims cemetry. My family members start worrying to move there. Do I need to perform any special pooja. Is it safe for me to move in there soon.. Thankk yiu

—Karu Joseph, Malaysia


Dear Karu, Living close to a cemetery should not be a problem for you or for your family if you keep your inner light strong. In fact, I have known several people who live close to cemeteries who say that “… dead people make the best of all neighbors,” and that cemeteries are very quiet and peaceful places, where they can go often to pray and meditate.

The fact that it is a Muslim burial place should make no difference. There have been many Muslim saints and most Muslims love God very sincerely, which is very important, of course.

Yes, it would be a good thing to have a house blessing ceremony just before or right after you move in. This is always a good thing to do, no matter where you live. See this “Expert’s Answer” for more on that subject.