How Can I Handle Distracting Sounds When I Meditate?


Where should we meditate in the summer?(Master said that meditate in silence )During summer we get to hear the sound of the fan or cooler or A/C . Should I ignore these sounds , or simply turn them off. But turning them off causes sweating . Please suggest something.

—Tanush, India


Dear Tanush,

It is not necessary to have absolute silence in order to meditate. Most of us live in places where there is quite a bit of background noise. Headphones or earplugs can be a great help in decreasing noise and many of us use them. Many people also learn to ignore background sound as you mentioned. In summer, most of us use fans or coolers while we meditate because excessive heat can be quite distracting. Master said we should meditate in a cooler room when possible. Meditation is such a valuable addition to our daily lives that it is important that we come up with creative solutions to problems with our environment that might interfere with our practice. This is all part of making meditation a part of our daily life. Many blessings on your meditation practice.