How Can Make a Certain Person Love Me?


Does he have feeling for me – Scott? What can i do to make him love me?

—Teena Jones, United States


Dear Teena,

Feelings can’t be commanded. It is difficult to make someone love you. Many people seek to attract others by sex-appeal. That is “animal magnetism”, according to Yogananda, doesn’t work in the long run, and is not recommended.

Instead you can try to make your soul shine, increasingly expressing love, peace, inner beauty. Work on yourself. Maybe that magnetism will attract him. If not him, it will attract a noble man.

By the way, often the one we badly want to have with us turns out not to be the best choice. The best choice is one who helps you on your journey of inner evolution, of freedom, of inner joy. Is Scott that man? Maybe, maybe not.

But if you make yourself attractive from within, through good thoughts, actions, self-improvement, the right person will certainly come to you.

Also remember that God loves you. That is much more precious that human love. Try to love Him too. Is that possible?

God bless you with true Love,