How Can We Inwardly Maintain a Superconscious Level?


Once we reach a superconsciousness level of the mind, how can we be in that state permanently? Also, sometimes the situation around us changes and it leads to slipping back to ordinary conscious, or to a subconscious level of mind. How to avoid slipping down to an ordinary level of consciousness?

—Smit, India


Dear Smit,

What you are asking is a very common experience and challenge. We all experience some heightened state of consciousness, some touch of superconsciousness, some amazing insight maybe, but then we lose it. As you say, some the situation may happen, something perhaps pushes our buttons, or a karmic situation arises, and there we are: reacting not at all superconsciously. What to do?

The only thing we can do is to work on it. Meditate, then keep the after-effect of meditation. Hold on to that atmosphere and that state of consciousness. Most of all, work on staying calm and peaceful during the day, under all circumstances. Without peace there can’t be any superconsciousness.

Often look upward to the spiritual eye, which stimulates superconscious awareness.

Think of God frequently, or, if you don’t feel close to the idea of God, think of a high inner state frequently.

Meditate both morning and night.

Tune into people who live, or have lived, in the superconscious state. Feel close to them. Their spark can jump over to you.

All the best, keep going,