How Do I Attain Nirvana?


How can i attain nirvana? I do meditate often daily focusing on my natural breath but yet i haven’t progressed much spiritually but instead i’m losing progress i’m much more tensed and anxious these days. I just need liberation from this cycle of birth and death what should i do? Please provide guidance. Thankyou

—Buddha, India


Dear Friend, Buddha!

When we look at the spiritual path let us step back, as scientists do, and see the big picture. How old is the universe? How old is planet earth? How many lifetimes have we lived?

We mustn’t think that just because we want now, suddenly, to know God and to transcend suffering and find eternal bliss in God that this wish will simply come true without minimal effort on our part?

We are as “old” as God. God runs this great drama and remains in Bliss. How many lifetimes have we pursued the “will-o-the-wisp” happiness in material comforts and security? We have karma to work out.

In meditation, one’s concentration at the point between the eyebrows must become so complete and unwavering both in meditation and activity that we “see” nothing else! “All is Ram!”

Until lack of food cannot touch us; illness or pain cannot touch us; praise or blame cannot touch us; we have work to do. God is an Infinite Spirit and until we reunite our souls with Spirit and become Infinite also, we will continue in the ups and downs of progress and no progress.

Krishna speaks in the Bhagavad Gita that we should be nonattached even to the results of our meditations and spiritual practices. In Infinity there is no time; only the Eternal Now! Live more in that thought saying “I have God right now! Here!”

Never mind the efforts we must make for the prize is far greater than the effort because our effort comprises only 1/4 of the total effort that lifts us into God union. Enjoy your meditations as the living presence of God in your breath; in the peace brought to you by watching the breath and in all things.

Be of good cheer and remember that “you and He are One!”

Nayaswami Hriman