How Do I Put Myself Back Together After a Relationship Breakup?


How do I put myself back together after a long relationship breakup?

—Jeffrey simmons, USA


Dear Jeffrey,

It seems you have a wonderful attitude and are on your way to ‘putting yourself back together’ already: just to be willing to seek advice is difficult, and it is a great step. Know that all that comes to us is for our benefit and education — and for a reason. It is our job to accept what comes of its own the best we can.

Redirect your energy and attention, now, to activities that are positive! Your attitude shows positivity already! The positive focus will help to lessen pain. Time will help put the experience into perspective, also! Concentrate on your service, spiritual practices, and giving to others. Think about this relationship (now of the past) as something from God that has helped your soul grow toward the Infinite.

The intense energy of a break up is like a bomb (karmic) that explodes in your life, suddenly. It takes a while for the impact to settle and the ‘dust’ to dissipate. When your thoughts begin to dwell on the grief you have for this breakup, then with self-offering of the heart, give it back to God with this affirmation: “I love thee alone. All is seek I will find in Thy love alone!” Repeat this often throughout the day as sad thoughts come to mind.

Also, reflect calmly on the divine qualities of the person and give him or her back to God. Say a silent prayer of gratitude to Divine Mother who sent you this experience in your life. Divine Mother has given you this and then taken the relationship away. She gives us sad experiences and suffering for the purpose to remind us that only in Divine Love we find freedom and satisfaction of our heart’s yearning for love eternal.

Accept with a grateful heart and see Divine Mother smiling there. As your heart opens, also, feel forgiveness and the ‘moving on’ of your attention to the beauty that awaits you in the Divine reassurance that all will be well.

At the same time, offer yourself to God and trust that what is yours will come to you. Another affirmation: “Heavenly Father, bless me that I choose my life companion according to Thy law of perfect soul union.” This will bring about circumstances that can help bring about the right choice!

Joy to you! Many blessings on your efforts!
Nayaswami Hassi