How to Avoid Pain When Concentrating at the Spiritual Eye


I am in Ananda Sangha from past 2 years. I am lots benefited. But I am facing a problem that during meditation in spiritual eye or kutastha, as I try to visualise light or circle, my eyes starts aching, and they get stressed. And if I don’t try to visualise then my mind wanders as I am not concentrating on any point. Please guide me. Aum. Jai Guru

—Sara, India


Dear Sara,

Concentrating at the spiritual eye during meditation is very important, and it sounds like you are helped by trying to visualize the spiritual eye. But we must learn to put our concentration there without physical tension.

The spiritual eye is a component of our energy body rather than our physical body. We tune into it with relaxed but deeply concentrated attention at the point between the eyebrows. We channel our awareness there calmly with joyful aspiration. Focus more and more of your brain’s energy there, but when focusing energy do not increase tension. Think of focusing your thought and aspiration there.

On the physical plane your pain may be caused by trying to lift the eyes too high, almost like trying to roll your eyes up to the top of your head. The pain may also be because you are furrowing the eyebrows, squinting the eyes, or otherwise tensing the muscles of the forehead. The eyes should be gently uplifted as if looking at a distant mountain peak.

To help learn this eye position you can hold your upturned thumb out in front of you at arm’s length. Gaze at your thumbnail, and then lift the thumb up so the nail is in line with the top of your head. Now your eyes should be gently uplifted without strain, not causing tension or pain. Relax your arm down. There is no need to continue using the thumb once your eyes are trained in where to look.

After learning to position your eyes, if you still experience some pain you might check your forehead for muscle tension. If tense, deliberately relax those muscles. You mention you are a part of Ananda Sangha and in India. You may be studying the The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda. If you have this publication you can find quite a bit of information about the spiritual eye. This book is available at Ananda Sangha Publications in India if you do not have it.

Many blessings,