How to Communicate with Higher Spiritual Realms?


Hi! I wonder if you could you help me to learn how to communicate with the spiritual realm? I think it is very obvious that I am in contact with a lot of spiritual activities, but I do not seem to know how to communicate properly with them?

Thank you in advance, best regards, Mikael

—Mikael Gustafsson, Sweden


Dear Mikael,

I assume you mean “to communicate with beings who live in higher planes, and their activities”?

The father of yoga, Patanjali, gives an interesting answer: when one becomes perfect in his practice of swadhyaya (Self-study), he attains the power to commune with beings on higher spheres of existence, and to receive their help. “Self-study,” here, doesn’t mean self-analysis, but Self-analysis, or soul-analysis: discovering that the central reality of your being is beyond thought, form, and substance: a reality which cannot be observed, analyzed, or truly defined. Self-study is the recognition of your true divine essence. It is Self-realization.

How to get there? By deep meditation. In deep meditation you reach above the physicality of your being. The subtler your perception, the closer you are to the higher spiritual realms and their activities.

Swami Kriyananda once told us: “The astral (energy) world is more real to me than the physical world.” How did he reach there? By regular meditation.

Paramhansa Yogananda writes: “Hence, each intelligent soul, instead of remaining intoxicated with doubt and spiritual indifference, should try its utmost to destroy the static of restlessness and tune in with the angels and the realities and the freedom of the everlasting land of paradise.”

May your efforts be blessed,