How to Find Answers Through Intuition and Meditation



I have some questions for which I want to find answers in meditation. Please guide me how to meditate on a question and feel the correct answer.



—Shilpa, India


Dear Shilpa,

The best way to find the perfect answer to any question is to receive it through intuition.

Intuitive guidance comes to us in many ways, but the best way is through strengthening our ability to receive answers during meditation.

Developing perfect intuitive guidance is like strengthening a muscle. It takes time and it takes constant practice.

But it definitely is possible. The best way is first to learn to meditate deeply. I might suggest that you learn and practice the techniques of Kriya Yoga that Yogananda taught.

When you sit to meditate, ask in prayer the question you want to have answered. Pose it clearly – perhaps even write it down.

Then go ahead and do your meditation techniques, stilling your body and mind, opening your heart, and lifting your consciousness as close to a superconscious state as possible. Do your best, during this time, NOT to think of the question.

At the close of your meditation, when you are as calm and uplifted as possible, wait for the answer to your question to come into your mind. Often it will come at that point. If not, have faith that it will come later, either at your next meditation time, or even during the day when you are least expecting it or in a dream at night.

If you still need to make a decision and don’t feel that you have been given any divine guidance, then it’s probably best to use your common sense and go ahead and decide, remembering always to pray that you’ll be guided to do the right thing.