How to Honor the Deceased


I have lost my life partner on 2 aug at 52 age.It was sudden death due to heart attack & brain seizure.He was perfectly fit and fine.He was 18yrs elder to me and we were in relationship for last 6.5 yrs.

Since then,I am praying to God & him to give me Mukti by communing my soul with his soul as being loved by him is the sole purpose of my life and we r like 2 bodies but 1 soul, I am treating him as my God.

Is there any way out to depart peacefully and and if it is wrong to worship him as God?

—Neha, India


Dear Neha,

Thank you for your question. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is difficult to understand what appears to be a senseless loss of a loved one. Losing a life partner in this surprising manner is particularly difficult. The “why” behind the tragedy is almost impossible to comprehend for those with such a loss in their lives. At this time, reaching out to others who have experienced similar loss is a great healer!

Try to send your husband thoughts of love and peace now. Instead of sadness, send him the love of your heart. By doing this, you can actually help the progress of his soul and receive his love in return. This will heal the pain and sorrow that exists for both of your souls. In this way, you honor him and the relationship that still exists between your souls.

Therefore, instead of excessive grieving, it is better to strive to send him your unconditional love. At all times, send your prayers and your joyful, inner assurance to him that you know he is in a better place — a place of great Light and freedom from all pain and suffering. He is exactly where he needs to be at this time, for the good of his essential being and for his continuing spiritual progress. You may contact him now, primarily, through your prayers. You should only try to do this if you can do it without grief or wanting to hold him back into the life he has now finished. Using the word ‘honor’ rather than ‘worship’ may be more helpful in your process of remembering his soul. Then you are respecting the Divine Will and working with the unfolding of that Plan. This acceptance and respect of God’s plan opens our hearts to understanding.

When the soul leaves the body, it goes to the astral world or heaven, the subtle sphere of God’s creation, a universe of light and energy. There is greater freedom in the spiritual realm for your husband. If you can rejoice in that for and with him, you also will gradually begin to feel the same freedom and blessings he is trying to send you. Then the connection that still exists between you both is mutual and helpful for each of your souls. This acceptance between you will open the door, as well, for your next step, also.

God has a perfect plan in all of this for you. Nothing is lost in time or eternity, for we are all ever in God. God never forgets us and in that lies our comfort. May God bless your efforts.

Many blessings during this time of grief,
Nayaswami Hassi