How to Regain Concentration in Meditation After Illness?


I have been meditating since a few years. A few days back I sufferred with urethritis leading to burning and itching in the genitals. Because of this my concentration shifted to genitals at the time of meditation and otherwise also. I was very disturbed but thought that once the infection is over I will again be able to concentrate. But now, even after the infection is over, my focus has not returned to the kuthastha center. How to get rid of this sick feeling? I feel that my meditations have halted since then. How to start again freely?

—Ruchi, Nepal


Dear Ruchi,

I assume that you are working with a medical care provider who is helping you to alleviate the physical challenge.

As for meditation; I would suggest that you start over with basic techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga asanas (postures), as well techniques such as Hong-Sau which can be very effective in redirecting your focus to the kuthastha center (the spiritual eye).

A key to regaining your spiritual focus is to find a deeper level of dynamic relaxation – the above techniques will bring you the desired results if you have patience.

Another important approach is to gain control of your energy again; this is in essence what pranayama is about. One of the things that Paramhansa Yogananda developed is the Energization Exercises. These exercises provide a very proven means in directing the life force energy (prana) within ourselves. This I believe will be of great help in dealing with your challenge.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,

Nayaswami Pranaba