How Do I Get to Mahavatar Babaji?


I am practicing Kriya Yoga. How may I see Mahavatar Babaji in my kutastha?

—Soonilkumar, India


Dear Soonilkumar,

In the Autobiography of a Yogi, we read that Mahavatar Babaji and other towering masters “veil themselves from the gross public gaze, and have the power to become invisible at will.” Why do they do that? They want us to develop a deep inner vision if we want to see them.

That’s why Sri Yuktewswar calls him “the invisible-visible savior Babaji!”

In other words, we must earn his vision. Seeing Mahavatar Babaji usually takes high spiritual advancement. It is he who will decide if and when he becomes visible to you. The best thing is to concentrate on the spiritual eye, calling him with love, then meditating deeply.

However, he might not be interested in revealing to you his physical form, for that is not at all who he is. He is pure Spirit. Once he said: “What is the difference if I wear a visible or invisible wave on the ocean of my Spirit?” His body is like a coat for him, but it is not himself. Why concentrate on the coat?

It seems that he wants us to relate to him on the pure spirit level.

A Himalayan Master once taught a group of pilgrims how to meet Babaji.  “We have to withdraw our prana and consciousness completely into the spine. That is what Kriya Yoga does. Then, lifting our gaze at the kutashta (spiritual eye), “yogi meets yogi.”’ This meeting is completely on a spirit level, as you are not a normal human being anymore when you completely withdraw your energy from the body into the spine. In that state, you are spirit consciousness. That is our direction. In the end, your essence and the essence of Babaji is the same.

May you have his darshan on this level,  jai Babaji,