How to Stop Kundalini Rising


I seriously want to find a way to stop the kundalini rising. I have awakened it with the help of Guru before 10 years, but now even without doing meditation it is getting raised and giving pressure and headache even while reading. Is there any way to stop it?



Dear Friend,

At this distance and with no more information than what you have written, let me reframe the question into terms more commonly experienced. A person is afflicted with, say, an undiagnosed ailment for which no obvious treatment has been found. What should he do? For starters, deal with the symptoms for now. For a headache, take aspirin, perhaps one of those for migraines or as you feel to try. For another, why not go to a doctor with a good reputation and at least investigate organic issues and medical support? No harm in it. Putting out energy is sometimes more important than the details.

Returning, now to your question and issue, let me ask a few “leading” questions….questions that are relevant, believe it or not, to cases of kundalini rising energy:

1. Do you exercise regularly? With cardio impact? Do you regularly get fresh air out of doors? Walking, running…

2. How healthy is your diet?

3. How “normal” are your sleep patterns?

4. What kind of work do you do? (computer, desk, lifting, active, people-work…)

5. Do you render any service to your community, your church, to others?

6. Would you describe yourself as mental, emotional, or physical?

7. If mental or intellectual, you should probably reduce or eliminate reading in favor of exercise or selfless service to others.

8. Would you describe your personality patterns as likely to binge or go to extremes?

9. Have you engaged in long fasts during this lifetime?

10. What is your life experience with alcohol, marijuana, or other recreational drugs or addictive substances?

If you are more mental in your makeup (more than, say, emotional), I would encourage you to develop devotion to God, compassion for others, and a caring, serviceful way with others: others who are perhaps less fortunate than you are, or otherwise in need. In any case, look around you, and ask, “How can I help?” It could be your partner, children, neighbor, co-workers. Work on self-forgetfulness by seeing and serving the needs of others.

Never forget “cause and effect.” Nothing in this world is random. Nothing that happens to us isn’t “ours.” We may not know the causes that we have initiated but we can energetically work to overcome the effects by reason, action, feeling, and intuition (how our soul “speaks” to us).

See your challenge, therefore, as an energetic one! You are dealing with energy (of kundalini), so respond with energy! In your case, the balance is going to have to be in the direction of sending energy out not in. Too much inward, mental energy, including, presumably, meditation, whether this life or a past life, has become unbalanced. This doesn’t mean you can’t pray and chant and do a simple mindfulness meditation (watching the breath, e.g.) but you should avoid advanced techniques such as various kriyas which deal with the astral body and the chakras.

I think that’s the best I can offer with so little information to go on. But I have dealt with a good number of cases such as yours. Live more in the heart, with devotion to God and compassion and caring for God in others.

Joy and blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA