I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything but Staring at the Spiritual Eye


I meditate regularly. For two months or so my attention and my eyes are being pulled like a magnet towards the third eye. There is a regular sensation around my forehead. Also, there is a clear concentration of energy felt at the area of the Ajna chakra. Right when I sit for meditation, my eyes immediately roll upward toward that area and do not move. I don’t feel like doing anything else other than just staring at the Ajna chakra. My eyes want to roll up even during the day. Shall I continue?

—Apoorv , India


Dear Apoorv,

This is a most beneficial situation and a good sign. There is a lot of energy flowing upwards, which makes your eyes fix at the spiritual eye. Marvelous. Every time you look there, you stimulate Christ Consciousness or Kutashta Chaitanya.

You don’t feel like doing anything else but staring at the Ajna chakra. I don’t know if you follow this path or another. At any rate, I would suggest that you don’t abandon the techniques which are being taught there but still practice them. They will deepen your experience, not diminish it.

In fact, you can practice all of your meditative techniques with that uplifted gaze. On our path, Yogananda teaches for all his techniques to keep the focus at the spiritual eye – during Kriya Yoga, Hong-Sau, the AUM Technique, even during his Energization Exercises.

At the end of your technique, enter deeply into the spiritual eye, for a long time, trying to move your consciousness into it, as if you were entering a holy temple. The deeper you go, the fewer rules there are. You need to follow your intuition about what is right at the moment.

You may use Yogananda’s words from his Autobiography of a Yogi as an inspiration:

Long concentration on the liberating spiritual eye has enabled the yogi to destroy all delusions concerning matter and its gravitational weight; thenceforth he sees the universe as an essentially undifferentiated mass of light.

During the day – Yes, look up often but secretly, making sure you don’t appear weird to people. Also, make sure you don’t become imbalanced. When there is a strong upward flow, there should also be a strong sense of being grounded. Otherwise, you will become strange and unbalanced. The great yogis all have a powerful upward flow but are “normal,” healthy, grounded, stable, and practical.

All the best,
Go into the light,