I Dreamed of Babaji, Gorakhnath, and Shivananda


Last night I saw guru Gorakhnath or maybe Mahavatar Babaji in my dream. Two or three times I have seen Babaji, a tree, or even some type of cave and Swami Sivanandajii too. I don’t understand the whole meaning of this type of dream. I also tried to get answers from Babaji but never received them. Hope you will help me soon. I really want to understand this.

—Ashita, India


Dear Ashita,

Yogananda writes in his Praecepta Lessons: “Dreams are not given to you. They are created unconsciously by your own conscious, subconscious, or superconscious mind.”

Usually we just have dreams created by our subconscious mind. “A dream is the temporary frozen fancy of man,” Yogananda explains poetically.

Your dreams, however, of Gorakhnath, Mahavatar Babaji, and Swami Shivananda are probably a product of the superconscious mind. This is a true blessing. It means that you are gradually getting in tune with the vibrations of the Masters. It is an encouragment.

So the meaning of this type of dream is that you have wonderfully stimulated the superconscious mind, which now is blessing you.

Sometimes such superconscious dreams contain a message. They may give us a direction. The cave, the tree with Babaji, all this might be telling you: “Get more busy with meditation. Go into the cave of silence. Sit silently in the presence of Babaji. A big blessing is waiting for you.”

It can also mean: “Don’t look for the solution of your troubles outwardly. Rather go within, get in touch with the Masters more. They will help you.”

I didn’t understand if you tried to get answers from Babaji in the dream, or afterwards. At any rate, if you want to get answers from Babaji, the best time is in meditation.  First, practice your techniques,  bring silence into your heart and mind. Then, toward the end of meditation, visualize Babaji at the point between the eyebrows. There formulate your question, very simple and clear. Then place your awareness in your heart chakra and try to perceive what he is intuitively telling you. Afterward, in daily life, act accordingly. In the next meditation once again ask him, checking if you are going in the right direction.

If the topic of “dreams” interests you, you might find this book helpful: The Meaning of Dreaming, by Savitri Simpson.

May you have many more such uplifting dreams to inspire you!