I Feel Sad. What Is the Purpose of Life?


I feel lost, sad, anxious from time to time and then wonder what is the purpose of life. When I am overly happy or get something huge or emotional happiness from relatives, I feel insecure and think that I will lose them one day. I consider myself to be lucky and fear that future or next life might not be as beautiful. Also, I feel that I am just wasting my life. I would like to know what is the purpose of life? What can I do to make my life meaningful so that I have no regrets when I die?

—SP, India


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your question. The feeling of being lost and anxious seems to be something that is very prevalent in many lives in modern society. At the same time you are lucky to want to find the joy that is within each of us. That insecurity of being lost and sad blocks our inherent right as a child of God to be one with Him.

Finding happiness and peace is the purpose of life and can be done! Here are some thoughts for you.

Certainly God can and will help you, especially if you turn to Him sincerely with devotion. He will bless and help you quickly, if He thinks it will help you. Maybe He thinks you need to struggle with the uncertainty so that you become stronger and learn a necessary lesson. No experience or life is wasted. God is always with us, it is up to us work with that Presence.

The surest way to find peace of mind from all the nagging fears that the mind can devise to worry you is to make God your constant companion. That connection takes some energy at first but quickly becomes a natural habit. By doing everything with God — and for God, and because of God — will help you begin to replace worry, fear and negative thoughts with positive and uplifted thoughts and actions.

Talk to God in the language of your heart as you move from activity to activity. Ask Him, “What’s next?” or, “What do you want me to do now?” You will find that you are developing an open-ended conversation with God, and God will answer you. The door of your heart will be held opened for guidance and direction and peace of mind.

Developing the faith that God is present and guiding you is a growing and ongoing process. Faith is developed by vigilance of relying on God. Making your meditation practices and spiritual company an important part of your life will, little by little, give you the confidence that you can change. By never giving up your efforts to have that inner peace, you will find that you will become stronger, less fearful, more loving, less anxious. Your life will begin to have new meaning for you.

You may want to read the book How to be Happy all the Time: The Wisdom of Yogananda. It is a great resource and can offer support for your efforts.

May your life become blessed, and may you be energized to do all you need to do find the fulfillment and purpose you seek on the deepest levels. In total self-offering, give yourself to Him, and you will find there are no regrets in a life lived in God.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi