I Keep Hearing My Name Being Called. What Is This?


I keep hearing my name being called. Sometimes it is loud like an emergency is happening and someone needs help. Sometimes it is just my name, loud enough that I turn to see who is calling me. What does this mean? Thank you

—Suzi, USA


Dear Suzi,

There are two possibilities:

It could be your own mind, your subconscious. If that is the case, please be very careful. If that voice in time begins to tell you to do things, you should consider psychological assistance. I have seen such a case and it can be dangerous.

Otherwise it is an astral experience of some sort. Sometimes souls, when they die, are unable to leave this material plane and linger around. They are called “tramp souls” and can do all kinds of things, also somehow use a voice and even move furniture. We have had such a case at our community. They can be a high being (rarely), a really low being (rarely), or a normal being (most commonly). Don’t listen to it. Hang pictures of spiritual Masters in your room and home, and maybe do a little ceremony with candles, chants, prayer, and incense. The phenomenon might disappear.

All the best,