I No Longer See Clear Images and Colors with Closed Eyes. Why?


I began spiritually awakening over a year ago. When I closed my eyes the light was red/yellow/orange, with silhouettes walking around, and faces etc., showing me things. It was crystal clear with images, but I blew open so fast that fear hit me. I fogged up. The past few months the fear is going away, but it’s still dark and red. Why is this, and what does it mean? I thought maybe to work on my root chakra, but that hasn’t helped with the colors, and getting the clear images back.

—Kaitlyn, United States


Dear Kaitlyn,

Often when we begin our spiritual journey, we are granted some wonderful and deep experiences. Then, unfortunately, they fade. It’s as if we were allowed to enter a higher state of consciousness for a time, but then we return to where we actually are right now, in our inner development. In your case it was fear which caught you.

Now your real work starts, starting from where you are.

Clear images and colors, as well as true insights, are a sign of superconsciousness. The key to stimulating superconsciousness is not to work on the root chakra, but to work on the spiritual eye, the seat of inner vision and enlightenment.

You’ll need patience. In the beginning it all “blew open” for you, but that’s unlikely to happen again. Instead, daily sit to meditate, keeping the spine straight, and learn to deeply gaze at the spiritual eye, with receptivity. Be still and open. Neglect everything that appears dark and foggy, or dream-like. True superconscious experience is “crystal clear” as you write. It should have an elevating, inspiring feeling to it. “Dark and red” is indeed not the way to go.

Think often of great spiritual Masters. In this way you attune your “inner radio” to their high vibrations, which is filled with superconsciousness. In this way they can show you things. So you’d be wise to keep them close to you.

All the best for your continuous inner awakening,