I Perceive a Nectar Sensation in My Mouth


I have been feeling a nectar sensation in my mouth, please guide me regarding this feeling. Is there any spiritual significance for this?

—Seerapu, Indiasw


Dear Seerapu,

If you have this sensation in deep meditation, it could be a very high experience, called amrita (nectar of immortality). It is usually felt in an ecstatic inner state or sometimes while practicing a particular technique called kechari mudra. Swami Kriyananda too experienced it and wrote about that taste when it comes spontaneously, not through technique:

“At that time (of samadhi), in addition to the energy being withdrawn from the body, there is a certain energy that is drawn from the brain down into the mouth. It has a sweet taste, and that energy keeps the body sustained for a long period of time so that one doesn’t need to eat. One can remain for very long periods of time in samadhi without having to come out. And the curious thing is that the taste has been described—and it seems to me, too, when I taste it—as a combination of ghee, which is clarified butter, and honey. How similar to this ‘land of milk and honey’ [described in the Christian Bible, Exodus 3:17], isn’t it? Ghee being butter, coming from milk. The ecstatic state brings that taste into the mouth.”

May you truly receive amrita, or a little taste of it,