I Saw a Huge Flock of Black Hawks: What Does It Mean?


What is the spiritual significance of seeing a huge flock of black hawks fly over you?

—Teresa, USA


Dear Teresa,

I am not sure if you are describing an actual experience or a perception in meditation.

In either case: a huge flock of black hawks is a rather tough symbol. “Hawks” are attacking birds. “Black” signifies dark, not auspicious. “Huge” means strong. It feels like a sign that aggression is coming, either from inside or outside.

This, in fact, is an astrological period where we all need to be very aware that easily aggressions and anger can flare up — from the outside or in ourselves. So get ready with a good strategy for both cases.

Affirm peace and harmony and consciously make them strong. If you wish, you may join Ananda members all over the world with the following affirmation:

“God’s light is within me and around me.
With the sword of faith in my hand,
with the love of God in my heart,
I am a warrior of light.
I join my brothers and sisters everywhere
to overcome fear with faith,
hatred with love,
and disease with health.
We all are warriors of light.
We fill the world with God’s light.”

All the best,