I Saw a Huge Red Ring Appear in The Sky. What Was It?


Hi, I’m Alex from Spain.

After a deep spiritual online conversation with someone I went to my terrace. Looking at the night sky, I saw a huge red ring that moved along my sight and I started to feel intense waves of energy from many directions that even my dog was feeling, for a long period of time. It feels to me like an ethereal or astral entity. Right after the experience, I felt like after a long meditation, well-wired to the world. What’s the meaning of the ring and the visit? THANKS!

—Alejandro Ortiz Benito, España


Dear Alex,

With that kind of experience, we must always remain very cool-headed, scientific, applying strong discrimination. “Is this an optical phenomenon? Or is it a projection from within? Or is it truly an astral occurrence?” Otherwise the spiritual world turns into a magic world, where intuition mixes with fantasy — all very exhilarating and interesting but not grounded in truth.

This being said, the red ring you saw could of course be a fact. Astral realities and beings can indeed peer through the sky. Yogananda for example writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi that “a black astral cloud suddenly covered the sky.” The same book recounts what a devotee experienced: “I was further wonder-struck to behold a circling mass of mystical light traveling in the sky.” That light manifested as Mahavatar Babaji. Yogananda also describes how he saw, again in the sky, Krishna appearing:

“Lord Krishna!” The glorious form of the avatar appeared in a shimmering blaze as I sat in my room at the Regent Hotel in Bombay. Shining over the roof of a high building across the street, the ineffable vision had suddenly burst on my sight as I gazed out of my long open third-story window.

So if the red ring you saw was indeed a true vision and your perception of the energy a fact, it seems that you might have seen the aura of something or someone which was at the center of that huge ring but was hidden from your sight. I would take it as a blessing and guidance. It came to you after a deep spiritual conversation, so it is as if it was telling you: “These things are a huge blessing for you. Go within. Find the hidden truths of life. There is a magical and intensely beautiful heavenly world waiting for you to be discovered.”

All the best,