I See a Blue Light That Swirls around like the Aurora Borealis


It has become more frequent that in meditation and while laying awake in bed I see a blue light that swirls around like the aurora borealis. Sometime I cover my eyes so it is very dark to make sure no outside light is getting through. I have been concentrating on it, and it’s brightness grows. Please tell me more about this happening at the third eye.

—Rita , United States


Dear Rita,

The inner light can have many colors. Blue is marvelous; it is the color of the spiritual eye which holds Christ Consciousness (the divine indwelling Presence). Yes, it can move. You are doing well to concentrate on it. Keep going. Try to feel into it and see if behind that movement you perceive a deep stillness when you get closer. Remain completely relaxed. Enjoy the process.

You may find inspiration in all this by these words of Paramhansa Yogananda:

“I disconnected my awareness from the little garden plot of the senses and switched it to the vast territory of the Infinite. The aurora of my awareness spread like dancing waves of light in the aurora borealis, and embraced Thy cosmic wonderland.”

In divine friendship,