I See A Golden Light In My Forehead


When I meditate or do my breathing exercise, I see golden light for few seconds when I close my eyes, like it appears and disappears. Sometimes I can see golden light in other persons forehead and other times it randomly appears when I close my eyes. Please help me understand what this is? Thank you.

Thank you

—Prachi, India


Dear Prachi,

This is a beautiful and precious experience: there is indeed a golden light in the forehead, it is part of the spiritual eye, which, if one sees it, can appear and disappear. The full spiritual light is a golden ring encircling a blue field, with a white star in the middle. However, one can just see that golden or white light. Feel yourself blessed.

Hopefully in time it will stay longer with you. Keep meditating and practicing.

The unusual thing is that you see that light also in other people’s forehead. That is marvellous.

Yes, it can also appear in daily life.

Try to get inwardly close to that light, even though it is there only shortly. It is a blessing and will change your consciousness.

May the Light bless you ever more,