I Took Kriya but Quit. Shall I Participate Again in an Initiation?


I did the Kriya initiation 5 years ago, when I was 20 years old, mostly out of curiosity. At that time, I was not read for the commitment and quit. In the past months, I had some experiences that made me reconnect with Kriya Yoga and specially Paramahansa Yogananda. I’ve been meditating and studying every day and have a feeling maybe I should do the initiation again in case I missed some important learning. What would you recommend? Do the initiation again or join a retreat?

—Beatriz, Brazil/Germany


Dear Beatriz,
Yes, absolutely, if you deeply and sincerely feel that your Guru is Yogananda, if you have been regularly practicing his basic techniques (Hong-Sau and Energization exercises), and if you feel ready to commit to a daily Kriya Yoga practice (which you promise during the initiation), then by all means come to a Kriya Yoga retreat to re-inspire you, and participate in a Kriya initiation.

If one of the above elements is still missing, then work on that element first, and participate in the initiation a little later.

In short: at Ananda, sincere discipleship to Yogananda is a requirement for taking Kriya, as well as practicing the basic techniques on a daily bases.

Kriya Yoga is the greatest blessing possible, as it is the “airplane route” to God, as Yogananda put it. And God alone is what all our souls desire. Nothing else will satisfy us for long.

Thinking about it… maybe an even greater blessing than Kriya comes from holding the Guru in our heart. Take him with you everywhere, through all the sunshine and the rainfall of your life. Tell him, “light of lights art thou”.

I hope you will take Kriya Yoga again soon, receiving the blessings of the Gurus, giving you God-speed,