I Want to Know Myself and Live at Ananda


I want to know myself. I am in deep depression and want to become disciple of you, and live with you. Whatever work you give me, I will do. I want to know life, karma, and everything about life, soul, karma.

—Deepak, India


Dear Deepak,
Please get in contact with one of our centers in India. They can teach you a lot, in person, or online.

I hope your depression is a soul-depression, caused by the emptiness of material ambition, or something similar. We are specialised in this kind of depression. If it is, however, of a different nature, then please know that we are not trained psychiatrists. You might do well to contact professionals who have the training to help you.

Discipleship on our path is to Paramhansa Yogananda. The first work he gives you is the discipline of daily sadhana. This trains you in high energy, concentration, devotion to God.

Living at Ananda usually comes only after quite some time, after you have visited and participated a good amount. Again, it would be best to talk personally with our center leaders in India.

The solution at any rate never lies outside, but within. So, may you know your true Self, which is forever blissful, without any trace of depression. It is powerful, and a spark of the almighty God. Realising this divine Self is the purpose of life: Self-realization.

May God’s blessings be on you, may you bow down to Him, asking Him to guide you inwardly, to find your own personal way to His freedom, joy and light. If it is Ananda, and if this is indeed your way, the doors will open. But know that one comes to live at Ananda not to principally receive, but to give, serve, share, and grow.

In divine friendship, Jayadev