If I Go to Healers Am I Sidestepping My Karma?


I suffer from a constant feeling of hunger, no matter what I eat (20 y). I went to a homeopath who cured my brain fog (another symptom I had). Then I went to an energy healer. I think the energy healer awoke my energy. I am more present and I got interested in spirituality. I am concerned that by going to the homeopath or the energy healer (both were very good at what they do) I tried to sidestep my karma. How to know whether a treatment is allowed or whether it will damage me spiritually?

—Anonymous, Germany


Dear One,

By trying to heal yourself you are not sidestepping your karma. You are resolving it. Karma is not there to be suffered through but to be overcome. So if those two healers are very good and are helping you, please go to them. There is no harm involved at all, spiritually speaking.

I’d recommend you start to meditate, regularly. This way you will stimulate your spirituality. You will gradually open up to superconscious guidance and will know better what your next step is and how to best solve your situation and future situations.

Do you exercise regularly? If not, try and see if that helps you too, overall. Exercise is often the best “energy-healer”.

All the best,