Should I Ignore or Be Friendly to Someone Who Hates Me?


I am a firm believer of karma and fully understand we will reap what we sow in life. My question is do I need to be good or ignore, someone who always hated me and gave only negative vibes to me in my life. Ignoring such people in life is going to put a bad record on my karmic account. I am so confused and don’t understand what to do. There is a tug of war going on between my brain and heart. Please show me the correct path. Thank you.

—Nimms, Canada


This is a very meaningful point to understand. Even the avatars and saints attract opposition from others but their response merits our attention. Swami Kriyananda has stated that the solution is to try to relate to their divine center from your divine center. In other words, we must first try to expand our consciousness so that we can feel our awareness as open and inclusive. Then, we must inwardly acknowledge the soul goodness in the other person for they, too, are a child of God, even if they are behaving badly. You may not be able to strike up a beneficial conversation nor be inclined to even seek their company, but you can train yourself to hold good, compassionate thoughts and to pray for them. If this is too much at this time, pray to God to help you exhibit appropriate behavior and hold wholesome thoughts. Cultivate the habit of not responding in kind to this person’s negativity or ill will. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how such circumstances can change for the better.

Meditation helps us to direct our energy upwards in an expansive way. Meditating specifically on AUM or chanting AUM can help in this as well. Our consciousness relaxes, purifies and opens. We are able to see the world around us and individuals from a very different perspective.

Joy to you, Nayaswami Maria